Heartfelt Valentine’s Day poem from Mom

Here’s a heartfelt Valentine’s Day poem from a mother to her child:

My dear child, you are the light of my life,
The sunshine that warms me, through day and night.

From the moment you were born, you filled my heart,
And I’m grateful for you, in every single part.

You bring joy to my life, with your laughter and smiles,
And I’m thankful for every moment, with you, all the while.

This Valentine’s Day, I want to say,
How much I love you, more and more each day.

You are my child, my love, my everything,
And I will always be here, to hold your hand and sing.

So here’s to you, and the love we share,
Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear, I’m so grateful you’re there!
—Markus Brawnee