Heartfelt Valentine’s Day poem from Mom

Here’s another heartfelt Valentine’s Day poem from a mother to her child:

My darling child, you are my heart’s delight,
A precious treasure, that shines so bright.

From the moment I held you in my arms,
You filled my life with love, warmth, and charm.

You bring happiness, laughter, and joy to my days,
And I’m grateful for every moment I spend in your ways.

This Valentine’s Day, I want to say,
How much I love you, more than words can convey.

You are my child, my blessing, my everything,
And I will always be here, to love and cherish you, my king.

So here’s to you, and the love we share,
Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear, I’m so grateful you’re there!
—Markus Brawnee