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Here in GetVid, all rights are fully reserved by us. Privacy Policy may be recreated at any time. You can go through once in a month to be on your safe side. Comments from our visitors pass through spam comment checker. Here our target is to give our users a clear scenario of a specific topic.

What Personal Data We Store?

We have not stored any significant data from any user. Suppose you liked a post and you commented on our article.

When you comment we ask for a Valid Name and a Valid Email Address and most importantly your message as feedback. So we will get your IP Address and your personal mail address which you have provided.

We will not sell any personal data of a User. E-mail IDs are kept for sending you weekly updates of any new posts/ articles/ updates.

Embedded Content:

Here in we publish different types of Embedded content. More specifically Tech Reviews, Gadgets, Food-related, and much more. We want to provide you the best experience from our Website. Sometimes It may be a Twitter Post, Instagram Pic, or maybe a YouTube video.

Sometimes A Youtube creator makes a great video. If they Enable the Video Embleming option then we take permission from the creator for using it in our article and also mention the source such as URL, Video Creator, Subscriber, etc. We will give value to the creators.

External Link:

You will find some of the other website links that are given in our article. The other websites are provided to you for your better knowledge. Suppose You are reading an article on our website then we have our Privacy Policy but when you go to any external link then it is not included in our privacy policy. Then you are under their Terms of Conditions.

For more information you can contact us here.

Our Privacy Policy last updated on 26th, June 2020

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