Best Efficient Mining Settings for GTX 1660 with different Algorithms Ethash, KawPow and Flux much more…

NVIDIA Graphics Card Mining settings for high Profitibility

This Mining settings for GTX 1660 will work for all versions of GTX 1660 across other board partners like Gigabyte, Asus, Zotac, EVGA, MSI and other board partners. The main difference is that all the GPUs are made up of Silicon. You can get better hash rates with your GTX 1660 or get Worst performance depending on your Silicon Lottery. So your GTX 1660 may perform great depending if you are lucky enough or not. Else we all know better luck next time. 🙂

Is GTX 1660 profitable for mining?

Mining profitability is mainly determined with how much power you are using and what most hash rate you are getting. So, If your GPU is consuming Least power and giving higher Hash rate than it is an Efficient GPU.

Now you have to check the coin price. If your GTX 1660 GPU is Efficient and the Coin is profitable (i.e. Ethereum) then it is a win win situation and congratulations you are going to make money with GPU. Now for GTX 1660 these values we got are from Online Sources. We all know Crypto is a volatile Asset. So, it may be too profitable now, but it may not be that much profitable tomorrow. So, please Buy, Mine at your own risk.

Here I am Providing the Most Efficient Mining Settings for GTX 1660 GPU.

What is LHR Hash Rate? Does it have an effect?

The LHR is some kind of coding done by Nvidia which is integrated in the GPU chip of some GTX 1660 and many other RTX GPUs for limiting GPU Hash rate about 50%. At the launch of RTX 3000 cards Mining was on the moon. So, all miners were buying Nvidia cards and no gamers can’t able to get the cards. So, Nvidia came up with a solution to limit their cards for mining. Their all new series of RTX 3000 cards comes with this encryption where hash rates will be cut to half. Suppose if you are getting 64MH in non LHR GPUs, the hash rates on the LHR GPUs will be about 32MH.

But the +ve thing is that mining software makers came with some solution and now they have unlocked the hash rates upto 75% and about 100% if you use some selected mining softwares by dual mining.

Here the only RTX 3000 GPU that is not affected with this LHR is RTX 3090. The RTX 3090 is the only gpu that is not affected by the LHR programming. You can buy an RTX 3090 without thinking twice.

This LHR (Lite Hash Rate) is affected with NVIDIA cards. You can buy AMD Cards. you can get a good hash rate with AMD Cards but the problem is that they are not that much power efficient than NVIDIA. So, people mainly prefer NVidia Cards. Here are the great Efficient Mining Settings for GTX 1660 with different Algorithms Ethash, KawPow and Flux much more. 

Overclock Settings:

GTX 1660 EThash Settings:

GPU NameGTX 1660
Hash Rate34Mh/s
Core VoltageN/A
Power Limit88%
Temp Limit77
Core Clock1530-1785
Memory Clock2001
Power Taken120W
Fan Speed70%

GTX 1660 Kowpow Settings:

GPU NameGTX 1660
Hash Rate30MH/s
Core VoltageN/A
Power Limit60% or 150w
Temp Limit74
Core Clock100
Memory Clock1000 for Windows, 2000 for Linux
Power Taken145W
Fan Speed70%

This are the great Efficient Mining Settings for GTX 1660 with different Algorithms Ethash, KawPow and Flux much more